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"You may give your children your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday."

Jubran Khalil Jubran

Norman Issa and Gidona Raz

Founders of Elmina Theater

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world"

Albert Einstein

We hope to inspire, bridge, mediate, and raise awareness of how important are the shared existence and the opportunity to enjoy different cultures through theater...

shows produced by ELMINA THEATER

Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van
Elmina Jaffa Car@van


Mobile Outdoor Show

For all Ages | Duration: 45 minutes | Clowns Show

Baz forgets to set the stage, Flory wants the stage only for herself - and in the clowns house theres an unexpected drama. They fight and make up but in their clowny way things only get more complicated. Will they make up in time? Will there be a show? And what about the Car@van - will it survive the hardships? That you will have to find out yourselves...

Elmina Jaffa My Home
Elmina Jaffa My Home
Elmina Jaffa My Home
Elmina Jaffa My Home
Elmina Jaffa My Home
Elmina Jaffa My Home
Elmina Jaffa My Home


Stylized Show Incorporating Music and Movement

Ages 4+ | Duration: 45 minutes | Unique Theatrical Language

The show has a unique style and language that every viewer from around the world can understand. Imagine a world with talking, laughing, dancing homes. A world in which the home belongs to everyone, and anyone in it can only love. What happens when two nomads meet one home? Could they live together or will they stay alone?


Featuring Rap Music Played Live On Stage

Ages 10+ | Duration: 50 minutes | Arabic

The play gives a peek to the inner world of a high strung teenager who, through music, directs his untamed and wild energy into art and great creations. He gains self-control and self-confidence, his social bonds grow strong and his relationship with his family gets calmer.


A Touching Drama About Acceptance

Ages 10+ | Duration: 60 minutes | Hebrew

A new, original play that combines video art, music, vocals and acting. The play deals with prejudice and acceptance of others. It courageously unfolds the moving story of the Israeli society.


An Interactive Play Based On The Book: “The Adventures of Dod Arie”

Ages 4-9 | Duration: 45 min | Arabic

A great fusion of theater and reading encouragement. Uncle Osama is not just any uncle; he is an uncle of unusual stories. One time he got stuck on a cloud in the sky, another time he turned into a cockroach, and once he even overcame a demon that swallowed all the stories in the world.A sweeping and amusing play with audience participation.


A Musical Play For Toddlers

Ages 3-8 | Duration: 45 minutes

Arabic / Bilingual

A refreshing and surprising interpretation to the known and loved children's book.

In a bleak rainy evening, Shmulik the Hedgehog loses his way while searching for a friend to play with. He finds himself in a room with a sick child, who by chance is looking for a friend too… but what will happen to the hedgehog and the kid? One is thorny, while the other's got the flu! One speaks Hebrew, while the other- Arabic! Will they manage to become friends?


A Puppet Show

Ages 3-8 | Duration: 60 minutes

Arabic and/or Hebrew

Mish is a curious, yet impatient and mischievous boy who has absolutely no respect towards his mother or his toys; until one day, he is drawn into a mysterious world by a dream, where he goes through a magical and colorful journey and discovers he can be brave, courageous and helpful.


Featuring Shadow Play And Live Cello Accompaniment

Ages 6-12 | Duration: 60 minutes


This is the story of Princess Lamis, who embarks on a journey to get the sun inside the palace - a condition to her coronation decreed by her late father, the king. The play is a metaphor for breaking through walls in our hearts to open up to the world and the environment in which we live.

A Theatrical Display of Music and Motion for Toddlers

Ages 2-4 | Duration: 45 minutes | Non-verbal

A dancer, an actress and a musician, each a virtuoso in their field, team up to create a theatrical adventure for toddlers.



A Touching Drama About Body Image In The Selfie Era

Ages 13+ | Duration: 60 minutes | Hebrew

In the locked bathroom of a banquet hall sits the bride to be- Honey. Using her cell phone she films a shocking confession for her groom, who is waiting for her in the midst of the party and cannot even imagine that this would be her farewell.


Featuring Pantomime And Original Music

Ages 6-12 | Duration: 60 minutes


The play revolves around the surprising and inspirational encounter of a handy-man and Mrs. Muse (inspiration). together they sail into the world of imagination and bring life to the stories of Juha and his donkey until the surprising end.

An article about Elmina on i24news international news channel

From the press

"In this theater we talk about existance, existing, to come over and watch a show, enjoy some fine theater. All of this without putting the children in a place of asking whether it's Arab or Jewish. They don't care about that, they do not ask one another - what are you. Maybe some of them have a darker shade of skin so they'll ask him out of curiosity, not out of racism."

Norman Issa presents: lines for children theater revolution.

Haaretz Newspaper Site.

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"Elmina" is a registered non-profit association (#580557767). The association's budget is based on Elmina's Theater income, as well as official government, public, business companies and funds support from Israel and  around the world.

Each and every contribution is important, allowing us to keep up our work - promoting co-existense  in Israel.

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